March 16 Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR)



Leveraging the Power of Corporations through the Corporate Volunteer Network (CVN) and Preparing for Future Disasters

In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, private sector entities have played a vital role and have implemented a variety of projects to support the relief and recovery of the disaster-affected areas.
Corporations worked closely with NPOs and other civil society actors, and there is no doubt that these kinds of cross-sector relations are crucial in preparing for the next disaster. This symposium will introduce examples of multi-stakeholder cooperation in disaster risk reduction and explore outlooks for the future.

The Future of Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Efforts (The Japanese Model) Led by Private Entity Partnerships

Time & Date:2015.3.16 (Mon) 13:00 (venue opens) 13:30~ 15:30
Location: Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi 601 Conference Room
Flyer:PDF Download(737KB)


13:30- Opening Talk / The Reality of Corporate-NPO Partnerships After the Great East Japan Earthquake
● Panelists: Reconstruction Agency Special Adviser to Director General-Ryo Ijichi
13:50- Panel Discussion
Corporations: On the Front Lines of Disaster Prevention

● Panelists:
IBM Japan – Ai Ogawa
Sanofi K.K. – Sohei Motoyama
Tasukeai Japan – Naoyuki Sato
Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center – Takashi Yamamoto
● Moderator:
Nippon Foundation – Mitsumasa Aoyagi
15:20- Closing session / 10 Years from 3.11― Objectives for Disaster Prevention Corporations


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Representative: CVN secretariat Keiko Tayama (at Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center)